• Chamberlain Liftmaster Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

    Special features such as synchronized operation of barrier gate operators with slide or swing gates provide the highest level of security, anti-tailgating functionality, and smooth traffic control. Our heavy-duty slide, swing, and barrier gate operators are designed for applications requiring continuous operation, high security, and gate applications weighing up to 2,250 kg.

    Strong and compact mechanical Sliding Gate Openers with deep-set pinion drive are suitable for residential and industrial use.

    – Magnetic Limit Switch
    – Height-adjustable Lateral Base Plate
    – Additional Manual Release
    – Weather-proof Housing
    – Deep-set Pinions
    – Compact Housing
    – Maintenance Free
    – Permanent Lubrication

    433.92MHz Smart Superheterodyne

    – Motor 230V/50Hz 600W 2,6A
    – Torque 34Nm
    – Travel speed 8cm/s
    – Max gate weight 18000kg
    – Max gate wing 12m
    – Motor speed 1400rpm
    – Degree of protection IP44
    – Protection Class I
    – Weight motor 10,0kg
    – Working temperature -20°C to +55°C

    – Drive Unit w/ Cover
    – Lateral Base Plate
    – Capacitor
    – Magnetic Limit Switches
    – Electronic Controls
    – Two 3-channel mini remote control with rolling code
    – Photocell
    – Flashing Light
    – Key Switch
    – Antenna Kit
    – key for switch to manual operation

    Select under the following toothed racks:
    Steel Rack, Heavy-duty Steel Rack, Plastic Rack